payroll systems

Integrates With All Major Payroll Systems

Hotel Effectiveness has built integrations with most major payroll companies, PEOs, and in-house payroll software packages. Managers can import time cards directly into payroll without having to re-key information.

Full Suite of Time Clocks to Choose From

It’s important to choose a time clock that meets each individual hotel’s needs. We have several time clocks to choose from, including:

  • Biometric hand geometry
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Proximity cards
  • Keypad entry
  • Internet based web clock

Full suite of time clocks

Time Tracker

Accurately Track Employee Time

Hotel Effectiveness makes it easy to accurately track employee time. Managers can easily view and edit employee time cards, and if they need to make any changes, they can edit multiple time cards at once.

Our time & attendance system also allows managers to easily monitor breaks, position changes, overtime and more. And if there are any unusual or missing punches, notifications will instantly alert managers that their attention is required.

Fully Auditable Time Cards

Our time & attendance software provides an Audit Log Report, which is helpful to easily identify punches that have been edited or deleted for a specific time period. Every timecard edit is logged by user and IP address, so you can easily see where the edits came from.

Time Cards

Abundant reporting options

Abundant Reporting Options

The real-time employee punch visibility you get with our time & attendance software ensures the most accurate labor reporting. It comes loaded with a full range of timekeeping reports – including reports that track your compliance with government regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act.

Automate Your Work Rules

You can set up our time & attendance software to account for special circumstances such as vacation, PTO, tip reporting, and meal breaks. Our intuitive system calculates premium pay for holidays, special overtime and shift rules. Advanced rounding rules automatically round punch times to user-specified intervals.

Work Rules