Frequently Asked Questions

Time & Attendance

  • What payroll systems does your time & attendance integrate with?
    We currently integrate with 30 different payroll systems where we offer the ability for you to download time cards in a format that can be imported into the payroll system. This includes most of the major payroll companies (e.g. ADP, Paychex, Paycor) and the most common in-house payroll software (e.g. Great Plains, Accpac, Quickbooks).
  • How does your time & attendance work?
    We offer a fully featured time & attendance system that integrates with our labor tools. You choose a time clock option and your managers can view and edit all time clock information in our online system. We’ve built-in a lot of common hotel scenarios and it is very customizable if you have special needs. For the vast majority of hotels, it is a really fabulous option and probably better than what you’re using today.
  • Can your labor tools work with my existing time & attendance system?
    Most of the time yes. We have a lot of different options to connect your time & attendance with our labor tools. The easiest and quickest solution is to try to find a time clock report that can be automatically sent to us on a set schedule.
  • What are some of the time & attendance systems you have connected to already?
    Kronos, ADP (TimeSaver, Workforce Now, ezLabor), SwipeClock, Attendance on Demand, Timeforce, Netchex

Business Support

  • Do you offer benchmarking so I can compare my hotels to other hotels?
    Yes, we produce a series of monthly benchmark reports for every customer that compares their prior monthly numbers to a specific industry benchmark segment that you can choose.
  • I’ve got some really great spreadsheets that we use today. Is Hotel Effectiveness going to really be better?
    If you fully implement our system, we are extraordinarily confident that you will be happy with the results. Hotel Effectiveness has been designed from the ground up for hotels. It gives structure and automation that spreadsheets simply cannot accomplish.
  • How secure is Hotel Effectiveness?
    We take security incredibly seriously. Our servers sit in a hardened data center. We perform daily and weekly back-ups of data. Our data is encrypted with the same 256 encryption that is used by financial services firms. We have an SSAE 16 Type II audit of our systems and processes performed each year by a national Certified Public Accounting firm that specializes in technology audits.
  • How does your money back guarantee work?
    It’s simple, we will fully set-up Hotel Effectiveness for you to try. You will be able to view your information, your managers can attend our training webinars. If you are not satisfied anytime during the first 60 days, we will refund everything you have paid including any set-up fees.


  • Can I invest in Hotel Effectiveness?
    It’s both quite funny and also gratifying how often we have received this question from different customers. Unfortunately, the answer is No. We are growing quickly, profitable, and completely debt-free. We have no plans to seek any external investment capital.
  • Do you offer payroll processing service?
    No. We previously did offer payroll processing services but that business was sold in 2014 to MPAY. We do have a comarketing agreement with MPAY where we can offer their payroll processing service at competitive pricing.

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