The perfect time and attendance software and time clocks for hotels.

Time and Attendance is an optional but recommended product.

Pre-configured for hotels

Pre-configured for hotels

  • Designed for common hotel payroll challenges.
  • Built to handle employees who work multiple positions, piece pay, gratuity, etc.
  • Time & Attendance is fully integrated into all labor management tools.

Integrates with all major payroll systems

  • Hotel Effectiveness has built integrations with most major payroll companies, PEOs, and in-house payroll software packages.
  • Managers can import time cards directly into payroll without having to re-key information.
payroll systems
Full suite of time clocks

Full suite of time clocks to choose from

  • Biometric hand geometry
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Proximity cards
  • Keypad entry
  • Internet based web clock

Accurately track employee time

  • Easily view and edit employee time cards.
  • Edit multiple time cards at once.
  • Notifications alert managers to unusual punches.
  • Monitor breaks, position changes, overtime and more.
Time Tracker
Time Cards

Fully auditable time cards

  • Missing punches are flagged for managers.
  • Every timecard edit is logged by user and IP address.
  • Customizable security settings by hotel and department.

Automate your work rules

  • Calculates premium pay for holidays, special overtime and shift rules.
  • Setup for special circumstances such as vacation, PTO, tip reporting, and meal breaks.
  • Advanced rounding rules automatically round punch times to user-specified intervals.
Work Rules
Abundant reporting options

Abundant reporting options

  • Includes a full range of timekeeping reports.
  • Real-time employee punch visibility ensures the most accurate labor reporting.
  • Affordable Care Act compliance tracking limits costly government penalties.

Employee Manager

Digitized Document Storage

  • Employee Document Storage is a human resources tool that helps managers on all levels maintain and organize employee files.
  • This improves government compliance and helps prevent missing documentation.
Document Storage
Employee Profiles

Detailed Employee Profiles

  • Compliance reports alert managers of missing information to make sure that all documents and employee profiles are complete and up to date.
  • Setup an unlimited number of fields for tracking employee information (e.g. source of hire, education level, etc).

Automated Compliance Reporting

  • Easily create a team roster to track employee status and aid in tax reporting.
  • Add unlimited online employee document storage and compliance reporting.
Compliance Reporting
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