How Hotel Effectiveness helps you get your labor costs perfect


Customized Labor Plan

Hotel Effectiveness is specifically designed for the unique needs of hotels and resorts.
Organize your monthly budgets and create actionable daily plans.
Custom labor plans show managers how to best use their staffing options.

Data Collection

Complete time clock integration delivers real-time labor data.
Lease or purchase one of our time clocks or use your existing time and attendance system.
Automatically upload your daily occupancy information or use our easy night audit entry process.

Proactive Scheduling

As your occupancy increases and decreases, your labor costs should do the same. Managers will be able to staff correctly, in any situation.
The hours the managers are allowed to schedule are based on your own labor guidelines and forecast.
Our tools alert managers to possible overtime, understaffing, and overstaffing before it happens.

Employee Communication

Managers can give employees access their most up-to-date schedules at any time via our employee portal, myHotelTeam.
Staff members can view their time cards online, enabling them to view how many hours they’ve worked.
Employees have the ability to submit time off requests online; managers can approve or deny these requests and automatically add approvals to the schedule.

Automated Monitoring

Our hotel specific reports provide insights into your unique staffing challenges.
Managers simply click through our 5-Minute Daily Labor Check-in every morning to review issues that need attention.
Automated email alerts keep the entire team up to date and informed.
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